Monday, 14 September 2009

A day for Wishing

Inspired by Susannah's beautiful post at Ink On My Fingers, I had a day for wishing last Thursday. Of course I missed the 9.09.09, but the day after is good too.

Dear reader,

Today is a day for wishing your deepest wishes and dreaming your biggest dreams. Tonight before you go to sleep open the curtains and look up at the starry velvet sky, breathe deeply and let your heart open.

What are your wishes?

I wish for love to a last a lifetime and beyond. I wish to kiss my darling Nia in the summer rain and dance with her under the moonlight. I wish for a gorgeous little house filled with light and laughter and love. I wish for happy and healthy babies one day in the not-so-distant future. I wish for a hurricane lamp with a beeswax candle to place on the kitchen table - a sign of hearth and home. I wish for a year and a day spent living in Wales. I wish for a future with little pairs of gumboots lined up next to two big pairs. I wish to write a book. I wish to read all the books on my book list. I wish for a lifetime spent waking up next to the one I love. I wish to travel to Morocco and Southern Spain. I wish to sail along the coast of Croatia and Greece up to the Aegean Sea to Turkey. I wish for a world where no one knows pain or suffering. I wish for the courage to do something with my photos - to put them out to the world. I wish to always see the inner beauty in everyone. I wish to find a good contemporary dance class and find the courage to dance again. I wish for a lifetime filled with laughter, love and light.

Tonight just before you fall asleep, whisper your wishes to the world - she is listening! All you have to do is ask.

yours from underneath the flowering magnolia,



Jordan said...

aww this was so great! Great wishes, I sure hope they come true for you :)

Jo said...

I love this post, Tesni! Reading your blog is like reading poetry, everything is so idyllic and romantic : ) There are few people in this world who see things with your eyes.

Elsa said...
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