Monday, 23 November 2009

A brief update on life

Well I may just about be one of the slackest bloggers out there at the moment, but I haven't completely forgotten about you dear readers. Life is (as per usual) busy, though is becoming somewhat frantic of late. The great omnipresent thesis is doing it's best to fill my life, and the deadline rapidly approaches...18 days to go! But here, dear readers, is a small snapshot of my life:

1. Nia, my darling girl (who should always be number one!. We move in together in less than three weeks, I can't wait!

2. Summer research scholarship, I'm doing some work for my supervisor on a very interesting language project over the summer. It's a bit stressful at the moment as I try and finish my thesis, but so far is proving manageable.

3. Thesis, 18 days and counting. 2 more chapters to go, and one conference presentation, then it's all over!

4. Wellington - Nia and I have been trying to make more of an effort to actually go out in the world and do things, a concert last weekend, a dance performance this week, a dinner date the week before. It's actually quite nice being out in the world - who knew?!

So that's pretty much my life at the moment. It seems a little boring all laid out on the screen like that. So I will leave you with a youtube video I've fallen in love with...a little food for thought...