Thursday, 12 November 2009

Reflections on Love and Live

This year I have felt more deeply than ever before. This year I have opened myself to love and life in a completely new way. This year I have been challenged to grow, spiritually and emotionally. And I have responded, intuitively, in ways I never dreamed I would or could.

A year ago, a wonderful woman walked into my life. Quietly at first, she lingered at the door, then chance and fate collided, bringing us together, showing us a glimpse of a shared connection. The connection grew stronger and deeper and at Samhain, at the year's end, we learnt to see. We learnt to see that fate and chance, goodness and love, beauty and life had conspired to bring us together. And so we looked, and we saw that we were standing at the edge of a precipice, and that below us lay life, spread out in a patchwork of experience, green and blue fields stretching to a purple haze at the edge of the earth. And standing there, we came to realise that we had a choice, take a deep breath and step off the edge risking life as we know it, or turn around and take the safe road back down the cliff, never knowing what it is like to soar. You see, love isn't always easy, and it doesn't always feel safe. It's a big risk, but like Erica Jong said, "it's really worth being brave for, fighting for, risking everything for, because the trouble is, if you don't you risk even more." And so, with these words ringing in our ears, butterflies in our stomachs, and hands tightly clasped, we took a deep breath and stepped off the edge. Together. And we flew.

I know with the utmost certainty that this wonderful woman is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I every day I am deeply thankful for her presence in my life. She fills my life with laughter, love and light. With her, I am complete.


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Jordan said...

aw! how awesome. I am so happy for you! :)